Rents and charges

Your basic rent will cover the costs of repairs and planned maintenance, plus costs for managing your tenancy.

As well as the basic rent, property specific service charges will also be payable.

We have a number of garages for rent and if you would like information about these and how to apply, visit here.

The basic rent of our properties, for new tenancies from 6 April 2020 are:

Type of property Basic rent per week
Bedsit £69.58
1 bed flat / maisonette £78.28
2 bed flat / maisonette £86.98
3 bed flat / maisonette £95.67
1 bed house / bungalow £86.52
2 bed house / bungalow £96.13
3 bed house / bungalow £105.74
4 bed house £115.36
5 bed house £124.97
Garage (for our council tenants) £7.53
Garage (for non-council tenants) £9.04

Please note, all the above rent excludes property specific service charges.