Investing in our homes – improvement projects, planned works

We have over 3,400 homes in Denbighshire, and are proud that they are of the highest possible standard. We have achieved the Welsh Housing Quality Standard since 2014, providing homes that you can be proud of. We have an on-going improvement programme in place to make sure that our homes remain above this standard for you.

What is the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS)?

The WHQS is a set of standards that all council and housing association homes in Wales must meet.  The standard states that all homes should be:

  • in a good state of repair
  • safe and secure
  • adequately heated
  • up to date kitchens and bathrooms
  • well managed
  • in attractive and safe environments
  • suitable for specific households

What work can you expect to see on your property?

At the moment, we have two on-going work programmes that are investing in our homes.

Capital Repairs

The capital repairs programme is set out in our Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Business Plan. This shows what our programme of repairs and budget requirements are for the next 30 years. The programme includes replacement and upgrading of the following when they come to the end of their life cycles:

  • Kitchens / Bathrooms
  • Roofs
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Central heating
  • Electrical Rewiring
  • Remodelling schemes

Other Capital Funded Work

In addition to the capital repairs programmes, capital projects also take place to improve and maintain our estates through planned environmental improvement programmes.
We are also workingtowards increasing our housing stock by buying / building 170 properties to continue to meet the WHQS standard in the next 3 years. in 2018-19 £6m has committed for to achieve this.

How will this work be funded?

General Repairs - In 2018/19 £3.1m was spent on the general and responsive repairs programme, this was funded by Council House rent income. In 2019-20 it is estimated that the programme cost will cost £4m.

Void repairs - In 2018/19 £2.6m was spent on bringing void properties back to an improved letable standard. In 2019/20 this is estimated to cost £2.5m.  

Capital Programme - In 2018/19 the capital repairs programme cost £7.5m, this was funded by combination of income streams. In addition, £870,500 was spent on property acquisitions.  Each year we receive a capital grant from the Welsh Government. In 2018/19 the Major Repairs Allowance Grant (MRA) received was £2.5m.

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