Legionnaires Disease is a lung infection that is caused by inhaling small droplets of contaminated water containing bacteria. This bacteria can sometimes be found in hot and cold water systems, showers, taps and toilets and so on. It is very rare to catch it in your home.

To help prevent the environment for the bacteria, you can:

As a tenant, you should:

  • Not interfere with the settings on your boiler or water heating system. The hot water should be set so that water is heated to 60°C.
  • Make sure that cold water coming out of cold outlets is cold.
  • Flush through any showers in you home at least two minutes every week (especially in guest rooms where they may not be used as much). Keep clear of the water flow whilst doing this.
  • Clean your shower heads periodically, descale and disinfect it. This should be done at least every six months


  • The cold water is still running warm after you have initially run the water for a little while, which may have accumulated in the pipes. It should not be above 20°C.
  • There are problems with your water flow, debris or discolouration in the water.
  • The boiler or hot water tank is not working properly, particularly if the water is not coming out of the taps at a high enough temperature. It should come out at a temperature of 50°C after it has run for a minute.

We survey about 10% of our homes each year to test for legionella, which is completed by specialist contractors, who will contact you in advance if your property is chosen as a sample. If you have any further questions, please contact us.