The Grounds Maintenance Contract covers the open spaces and communal outside spaces on our housing estates. We want to keep the areas you live in clean and tidy. You can expect to see people onsite throughout the year. During the spring, summer and autumn they will be cutting the grass on a regular basis. During the winter months pruning shrubs, hedge cutting and leaf collection will take place. Tasks such as litter picking and weed spraying will be carried out throughout the year.


We are committed to conserving and maintaining trees growing on our land. We understand how much you value the contribution that trees make to our landscape, environment and wildlife, but we also understand the nuisance they can cause. Qualified professionals undertake our tree work and all work is done in accordance with our tree policy and The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. We carry out work to trees during the autumn and winter months unless we deem a tree to be dangerous in this case work will be carried out as soon as practicably possible.