Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

As a tenant, we expect you to respect and be considerate to your neighbours. Everyone has the right to live the way they wish to, providing they do not interfere, cause harassment, alarm or distress with people living near them, or break the law.Causing anti-social behaviour (ASB) or carrying out criminal activity will be considered a breach of your Tenancy Agreement.

According to The Crime and Disorder Act definition (1998), a widely used definition of anti-social behaviour is the definition contained in the Crime and Disorder Act (1998):

‘Acting in a manner that caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household as (the defendant).’

Examples of ASB can include:

Disregard for community and personal wellbeing of others:

  • Loud music or loud noise from a TV, radio, musical instruments, cars, dogs barking
  • Rowdy behaviour i.e. shouting, swearing, fighting, door slamming etc
  • Nuisance behaviour i.e. playing ball games, throwing items from windows, balconies and walkways, DIY at unsociable hours etc.

Acts directed at people:

  • Intimidation and harassment i.e. verbal abuse, bullying, offensive, abusive and threatening behaviour, menacing gestures etc

Environmental damage:

  • Criminal damage / vandalism i.e. damage to buildings, trees, plants, graffiti etc.
  • Litter/Rubbish i.e. fly-tipping, dog fouling etc.

Misuse of public space:

  • Drug/substance misuse and dealing
  • Street drinking
  • Begging, prostitution, kerb crawling, and immoral activity (sexual acts)
  • Abandoned cars
  • Vehicle-related nuisance & inappropriate vehicle uses i.e. inconvenient parking, car repairs on the street/garden, racing cars etc.

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Report anti-social behaviour