Letable standards for re-letting homes

Whenever a property becomes empty because a tenant has left, we always use the opportunity to make sure the house is in the best possible condition to re-let it.

We have developed our own letable standards so that tenants can enjoy their new home without the need of costly redecoration or alterations. Areas that we invest in to re-let a property are:

  • External appearances – we will ensure that our homes have a clean and tidy appearance and look modern and well maintained.
  • Garden areas – we will ensure that garden areas are in a safe condition and is made easy to maintain for the future.
  • Cleanliness – We will ensure all our homes are cleaned to the highest possible standard to ensure that it is free from grease, mould, dirt, dust and signs of condensation. Particular attention is made to the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Internal decoration – All our homes are decorated to a high standard will all walls stripped and coated with emulsion. All joinery work is painted in satin. Existing floor coverings, if suitable to be left, will be cleaned.
  • Security – Our homes are fully secured by adequate door and window locks.
  • General work – we make sure, where fitted, that all hard wired smoke detectors and careline equipment is checked.
  • Bathrooms – All sinks, WC’s, baths, showers and wash hand basins will be free from chips, leaks and bad staining.
  • Kitchens – A suitably sized kitchen will be provided with space for a cooker and fridge.
  • Windows, doors and joinery – all windows and doors will be checked, made safe, secure and firmly fitted.
  • Floors – All floor coverings will be inspected and repaired/replaced as we see fit.
  • Walls – All loose and defective plaster will be made good prior to redecoration.
  • Tenant improvements – Any improvements made by previous tenants will generally be removed and the home returned to its original layout and design.

For more information, please see our letable standards