Damp & condensation

What is damp and condensation?

Condensation is caused when warm, moist air cools down, or hits a cold surface, and drops of water appear. This often happens in bathrooms when your mirror and windows steams up. If this is left untreated, it can grow into black mould on walls and ceilings.

What causes this?

You, your family and pets all produce moisture when we breathe and sweat in our homes. Moisture also comes from:

  • taking a bath or shower
  • drying our clothes indoors, especially on radiators
  • cooking or washing up

It is important to wipe any condensation off windows and walls as soon as it appears using a disposable, damp cloth or other available household cleaners. If black mould appears, please call our repairs helpline on 01824 706000 for further advice.

Tips to prevent mould and condensation

Condensation can be avoided by:

  • ensuring there is a constant temperature within your home and plenty of ventilation
  • using extraction fans where installed
  • reducing the amount of moisture that you produce in your home
  • keeping window vents open all the time, creating a constant temperature. This is more cost effective than keep opening and closing windows.

We are here to help 

If you feel you have a problem with damp or condensation, please report this to us, so we can look into it. Sometimes, it is not a repairs and maintenance issue, so it is important to follow the advice outlined here. 

Heating Bills:

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